How to Achieve A ‘Clean and Green’ Home This Festive Season

We have officially entered one of the most exciting seasons of the year – the festive season! As we step into the season of buzz and excitement, one thing that we do in the festive madness is give our homes an unmissable festive makeover. It’s an annual ritual in most homes to give the house a fresh coat of paint, re-do the forgotten spaces, and spruce up our homes. The months of September through December are filled with festive cheer and it’s only fair we prepare ourselves and our homes this festive season with just as much joy while also staying conscious. Let’s think of it this way – every festive season, we’re all full of motivation and determination to make sure that our houses are as clean as they can be – what if we use some of that motivation to make sure that at the same time, we are also making some efforts to keep our planet clean and green as well? After all, the planet is our larger home. 

Whether you’re looking for some motivation to get started on your cleaning this festive season or looking for simple eco-tips to incorporate in your cleaning rituals, we’ve got you. Here are quick simple tips to give our festive cleaning and decor a green touch. 

Clean the Green Way

When it comes to cleaning our homes, there are eco-friendly alternatives that we can opt for that otherwise go unnoticed. Home cleaning products, like detergents, liquid cleaners, etc., found at stores often contain harmful chemicals which have destructive environmental consequences. To challenge this, let's look at a simple DIY recipe to make an all-purpose solution that is both eco and pocket-friendly. Combine one part white vinegar with four parts water with a dash of lemon juice for a fresh smell. The mixture can be stored in a spray bottle and be used to clean glass, floors, windows, and even bathroom tiles and fittings. Just in case we don’t get the time to prepare this solution, let’s opt for eco-friendly cleaners - they do the job just as well. 


Give Your Kitchenware A Green Twist

The festive season is also a time when our homes have guests pouring in numbers. And obviously, accompanying the conversations and smiles is plenty of delicious food. It’s only fair to pair the delicious food with the right kind of tableware. To do so, let’s give our tableware choices an eco-friendly spin by opting for sustainable alternatives. Let’s swap out plastic table mats with mats made from durable cotton, bowls and cutlery made of coconut wood, and eco-friendly paper napkins such as the Good Karma Paper Serviettes range. Not only are these alternatives superb to go a little greener, but they might also leave your guests talking about the cool tableware that is not usually spotted in homes! Avoid using plastic disposable cutlery for any celebrations. It may save some money but is severely harmful to the environment.

Let There Be Light

What is the festive season without lighting up our homes and enlivening the festive vibes? This year let’s make sure that we do away with fairy and string lights and opt for ethnic earthen lamps. Not only are these environmentally friendly, leaving little to no carbon footprint behind, but they are also great at giving the home a warm and vibrant welcoming flavor. 

Go Au Naturale

Rangoli is synonymous with the upcoming festivities. This year, instead of opting for traditional Rangoli colors in the market, let’s switch this up by using natural colors to decorate the Rangoli. Let’s opt for eco-friendly colors derived from rice powder, coffee, tea, dried turmeric, flowers, leaves, etc. to celebrate a pollution-free and guilt-free festive season. If we’re also painting our homes, let’s make an effort to use eco-friendly paints that are safer for the environment as well as our homes. 

Gift Consciously and With Love

One of the biggest things that get us excited for the festive season is certainly the gifts. This season is all about buying and receiving gifts. So, if you are a fellow eco-warrior who has just ensured that everything about your home is green this season, why not the gifts that you get for your loved ones? Whether it is potted plants, sustainably produced clothing, jute accessories, or eco-friendly home products - you will be surprised by the choices that we have! This season spruce up your gifts by choosing eco-friendly hampers for your loved ones. This way not only are we making an effort to be more conscious, but also inspiring our loved ones to be more conscious with us! It’s definitely a win-win.

See? Not so overwhelming or difficult to achieve after all. This festive season let’s channel our inner eco-warriors and pledge to celebrate the season a little more consciously – for our homes and the earth!