Origami began its journey in 1995 and has become the tissue hygiene leader in India. We offer a wide range of products
including serviettes, toilet rolls, facial tissues, kitchen towels, wet wipes, pocket tissues, paper towels, paper plates, paper cups, toilet seat coverts, hand wash, hand sanitizers, floor & bathroom cleaners, bin liners and more. Trusted and loved for our unparalleled quality, we commit to bringing only the best your way!


ORIGAMI has been a trend setter from its inception in 1994 and the support by our discerning customers has made us the leading brand in India. With leadership comes responsibility and while we already produce our current range in an environmentally responsible manner, we always want to do more to continue to be deserving of our leadership position.

This quest for continuous improvement has led to the development of a proprietary "Fibre Revive" process  to produce quality tissue from unbleached and 100% recycled fibre with significantly lower environmental impact to a more sustainable path.We proudly present our "Good Karma" unbleached and 100% recycled range - a range that is unique and path breaking made possible with our new Fibre revive process - to provide our clients with better choices.

Join us and Do Good Karma!

Neelam & Manoj Pachisia

Founders- Origami Good Karma