Our Story

The goodness of nature is depleting at an alarming pace. We, at Origami, endeavor to turn the wheel the full circle by conserving it, as we recognize the need for sustainable practices. Enter Good Karma, a brand created to help our patrons make informed eco-friendly choices for the greater good of our planet. Our products are made exclusively from pulp substitutes & recycled, unbleached fibre. Invest in a better tomorrow now!

The Science

The Fibre Revive process enhances fibre properties to give you softness and absorbency at par with tissues madefrom Agro-based resources, without the environmental impact. The process considerably reduces chemical usage, as it is bleachfree and there is no de-inking of raw material. The process also consumes lesser fossil energy to reduce carbon footprint

Customer Reviews

"So happy when brands go the extra mile for a sustainable lifestyle product range.We have switched to Origami for GoodKarma"

- Shruthi & Narayan

"This Brand of paper napkin tops my list for the high quality & value they provide.The environmentally friendly & sustainable makeover is a huge step towards saving the planet. And I am so glad to be doing my tiny bit in spreading the word."

- Sushma Reddy 

"As much as I advocate for eating healthy, I do for Healthy living as well. Using good quality products no matter whether those are the ingredients going into a bake or the product you are using to cover your bake, really matters. Thank you Good Karma for creating such amazing eco-friendly products."

- Sonya Gupta

"I’m so excited to share a review of my experience with Origami Good Karma. Its amazing. Giving you reasonably priced, eco-friendly packaging products that are also good-looking and high quality is more important than ever."

- Anuradha Sharma

"Mogambo Khush Hua after using the eco-friendly products from @origamigoodkarma "

- Mohini

"Sustainable living with Good Karma Extremely impressed by the quality of their Eco-friendly range of tissues. Not just that, they are 100% recycled, made from unbleached materials, and biodegradable."

- Mukti Chaturani

"These napkins are super soft and come in recycled and recyclable packaging. Sometimes you may need to use disposables for events but when you do, try and make better choices where possible with the information and access that you have. Also, this gorgeous tissue box is actually repurposed from a box containing someone's wedding invite and chocolates."

- Amishi