Less Stuff, More Gratitude- This Holiday Season


Tis the season for more everything – more feasts, more bashes, and above all, more stuff. But every now and then, it's like, "Hold up, do I really need all this?" And if you really think about it, the answer will probably be no.

If the avalanche of wish lists is making you reconsider your gift-giving game, worry not, because there are ways to dial it all down (maybe not a full shutdown, but close). The trickiest part? Convincing your gift-loving squad to join the less-is-more party. Lucky for you, we've got the lowdown on having those straight-up, heart-to-heart chats.

Start with a thank you

Kick off the conversation by letting your friends know that you appreciate them for their past thoughtful gifts. 

Keep it real

Honesty really is the best policy. Whether you've embraced the minimalist life or you're simply yearning for a more budget-friendly holiday season, let them know what’s up. Frame it positively, like "I'm all about keeping it simple" or "I'm doing the budget-friendly Christmas dance this year."

Offer up some gift alternatives

Now, we're not just shutting the door on presents – we're simply redirecting. Float some alternatives for friends who still want to keep their gifting generosity flowing

  • Ask for experiences: movie tickets, concert tickets, a pottery class – the list is endless
  • Get artsy together: Maybe take that pottery class together, or spend an evening painting together – also a great way to bond!
  • Volunteer together: Replace the gift exchange with a day of doing good. Shelters, nursing homes, and meal centers await your presence, especially during the holiday season

Now in case you receive some gifts you don’t need, here’s how to tackle those –

Once again, start by thanking them

They still made the effort to gift you something, and that deserves a thank you. So make sure they know that.

Pay it forward

Not quite your style or feel like it’s a duplicate of what you already have? Donate them to a nonprofit that'll cherish them 

Gift receipts for the win

If you’re a gifter yourself, set the trend with gift receipts. If you feel comfortable, ask for gift receipts before exchanges. This way, if someone misses the mark, you can exchange the item for something you truly love and it will still be thanks to them!

Regift (without shame)

Received something you didn’t enjoy? Maybe what missed the mark for you could be loved by somebody else! So regift, and do so confidently.

Resell (again, without shame)

Got big-ticket items collecting dust? Give them a second chance on Poshmark or thrift stores – you’ll be surprised by how many you’ll find on Instagram itself!

Key to this shift is to keep things honest and authentic. Instead of drowning in a sea of presents, focus on diving into quality time, celebration, giving back, and cheering each other on for the upcoming year!