Sustainable Tissues and Skincare

The skin, being the body’s largest organ, also acts as the largest barrier against infection. As such, it needs constant care and attention. Building a good skincare habit can go a long way for this hardworking organ, but where does one start? While we are constantly reminded by ‘skinfluencers’ and dermatologists to be conscious of what and how much we add into our skincare routines, it’s also important to think of how we remove makeup, sweat and debris buildup.

If there’s one thing that the pandemic has taught us, it is to carry pocket-tissues or handkerchiefs with us everywhere to wipe our hands or face. And, if you’re a ‘skinthusiast’ like us, you will probably reach for your make-up remover/soap/cleanser as soon as you reach home to get rid of all the dirt-sweat on your face. Yes, there are reusable make-up wipes, but through the summer days, we also recommend a disposable (yet planet-friendly) alternative – Good Karma Facial Tissues. Better for your skin and the planet than cotton wipes, dirt-building handkerchiefs, we’ve tried-and-tested these eco-friendly tissues and think we’ve found our skin fix!

Why Good Karma Facial Tissues?

At Good Karma, our mission is to innovate and provide sustainable alternatives to daily use products. We bring to the table tissues that are equally good for your skin as it is for Mother Nature.

Here’s what we vouch for: these tissues are functionally as effective as the conventional ones. They do not crumble easily, are absorbent and also skin-contact safe. Our range of 100% recycled and eco-friendly tissues are made from pre-consumer waste products. In simple terms, it’s made with prime, high grade unprinted waste paper and pulp substitutes. Not just planet-friendly, the fibre properties are enhanced making the tissues extra soft. Moreover being unbleached, they are that much more gentle on the skin! The ‘skinvestment’, we assure you, will be worth the money that you spend on it.

Don’t take our word for it? Give it a go for yourself (we think you might make the switch forever!) Shop the Good Karma Facial Tissues here.