A Guide to Conscious Gifting

What comes to your mind when you think about Diwali? Family get-togethers, an array of invites, festive delicacies, and of course, gifts. As a conscious brand, we’re taking it upon ourselves to inspire our community to celebrate this Diwali with just as much love and light, only without costing the planet. This year, we’re striving to bring about a change and a larger conversation – reimagining celebrations and festivities.

Gifting plays a significant part in our celebrations this time of the year. With the festivities kickstarting, so does our brainstorming on getting the perfect gifts for our loved ones. While we are on the lookout for the perfect gifts this season, let’s also ensure that the gifts that we opt for are mindful, keeping both, our loved ones and the planet in mind. To gift mindfully means to gift something not just for the sake of it, but with a lot of genuine love and thought. 

This Diwali let’s change the narrative and invest in thoughtfulness, without costing the planet. Here are five gifting ideas to take your thoughtfully put-together gifts one step further. 

Indulge in Homegrown Labels
Mass-produced products have consistently proven to be bad for the planet. They are generally extremely wasteful in their production and are often low in conscious values as well. A simple turnaround for this is to shop from small businesses and homegrown labels. These labels indulge in fair-trade practices and their production techniques are environmentally friendly. This way, we’re not just gifting consciously but also setting ourselves apart by choosing homegrown labels. 

Make It Green
We can never go wrong with a plant. Gifting our loved ones a plant is not just a great addition to their homes, but also sends the message of health and well-being. From tiny succulents to extravagant fig plants – plants come in a wide variety. To make this a little more interesting, we can also look at including gardening kits to help our loved ones take care of these plants.

Organic Delicacies
Over time, the need to be conscious of our usage has become increasingly evident. More people are starting to get interested in food choices that are healthier and safer for both them and the planet. Sweet and savory treats made from ingredients that are organic and good for our health are great additions to add to our festive hampers alongside dry fruits. This is a great idea if you’re particularly looking to gift someone who is a fitness enthusiast!

Gift Vouchers for Their Favourite Services & Stores
More often than not, gift-giving can turn tedious and result in giving out presents that the person may or may not use. An effective way to avoid wastefulness is to give our loved ones coupons and vouchers for their favourite stores and services so we can make sure that our gift does not go in vain and is cherished by them. You’ll be surprised at how these little cards can delight someone!

Helping Them with Sustainable Living
As they say, this festive season is all about new beginnings. To add to that thought, it is also a great time to inspire our loved ones to kickstart their sustainable journey. Continuing on our path of new beginnings and celebrating Diwali a little differently this year, let’s gift our loved ones the knowledge of how to become more eco-friendly by making little changes with enhanced impact.

At Good Karma, our passion to drive the message of sustainable living and inspire people to invest in thoughtfulness led us to create one of our favorite curations of all time – eco-friendly festive gift hampers. The hamper includes eco-friendly kitchen towels, paper serviettes, toilet rolls, facial tissues, neem toothbrush, and neem comb – the entire self-care and home-care package for your loved ones to use and to cherish. The gift hampers mean a lot to us not only because of the products they include but also because of the message they carry – to gift with love and care. 

The year gone by has been all about reimagining ourselves – reimagining how we work, reimagining how we engage with family and friends, and reimagining our lifestyles. Let’s strive to continue on that path and reimagine our celebrations and gifting this year. Let’s put thought and care into what we’re choosing to gift our loved ones this year and let’s do our bit to make the biggest festival of the year a little more conscious. Here’s to a reimagined Diwali and here’s to reimagined festivities.