Fibre-Revive Technology

As passionate supporters of sustainable living, we can’t lie when we say that we’re big fans of our brand. It’s not just because of the products that we offer, it is also because of the thought that goes into those products and the process behind it. 

If you’ve known our brand for a while – you might have come across the term ‘Fibre-Revive Technology’ before, and you may also know that it is our secret sauce – that one special ingredient that helps us bring to you, the quality and level of sustainability that you would want from a brand like ours. If you’re new here, you now know what our secret here at Good Karma is! Either way, read on to know more about how Fibre-Revive Technology works and how we’re able to bring to you a range of 100% recycled, eco-friendly, unbleached and premium quality paper tissues. 

How did we come up with this technology?

Origami, Good Karma’s parent company, is the industry leader of paper tissues in India, and are conscious of their responsibility to the environment and to future generations.

Their goal was to reach 100% recycled, 100% biodegradable and 100% compostable as well as reduced chemical usage, pollution and energy, which they have largely been able to achieve with the Good Karma range.

At Good Karma, our steady increase in recycled content usage by careful sourcing of recyclable materials, improved equipment and of course, working with Fibre-Revive Technology has culminated in our range of 100% recycled and unbleached tissues, with results still at par with virgin tissues, but without the environmental impact!

Apart from our products, we have also taken steps to evolve a packaging that is fully compostable and biodegradable!

How does Fibre-Revive Technology work?


The Fibre Revive process is the cumulative result of several years of developments and trials with different recycled fibres, equipment calibration and process parameters.

At Good Karma, we use unbleached and unprinted pre-consumer waste paper, which is imported since graded and sorted waste containing the required fibre grades is not available in India, and we want to ensure that we bring nothing but the best to you. We choose to use more expensive pre-consumer, unprinted and unbleached waste paper so as to avoid chemical usage, pollution and energy consumption involved in the manufacture of virgin, conventional tissues. 

Once the raw material is received, it is pulped at a high temperature to avoid chemical pulping aids that are typically required at lower temperatures.

The pulp of the required consistency is then screened, refined and washed in several stages to get the required level of cleanliness and uniformity of fibre to help us achieve the different levels of softness, wet and dry strength and absorbency for each of our product variants. For example, our toilet rolls are designed to disintegrate quickly in water so they don’t clog drains whereas our kitchen towels have higher wet strength to absorb spills and wipe wet surfaces.

When it comes to our paper drying stage, we use an appropriate combination of drainage by gravity, vacuum, squeezing, contact heating as well as hot air to ensure that paper is dried in an energy efficient manner and the required softness and bulk is maintained even with recycled fibres.

At Good Karma, we use a closed-loop water system which means that all the water is treated and reused in the process, and the only throw outs is the sludge with solid contaminants or unusable fibres. Even this sludge is used as an input by sun dried board manufacturers!

Apart from the energy usage optimization described in the Fibre Revive process, we have also installed solar panels on large area roofs in its factories to minimize the use of fossil fuels energy.

In addition to the range of products that we already have, this technology also makes it possible to bring to you an even wider range of products in the future, with the promise that we have always fulfilled – products that are clean, green, and pocket-friendly. 

Feel free to experience the quality of our products if you haven’t already – just a disclaimer, you may want to switch to our products for forever!