Life Unplugged- 9 ways to enjoy a weekend without technology

Okay, we know. You’re reading this on a screen, so it’s a little ironic. But life has evolved to spending hours and hours on a device, be it for work or for play. We read, we talk, we study with our screens. We hold meetings and attend weddings virtually (thank you, Covid19) and really, the possibilities for digital connection are endless. Here’s the thing though – sometimes we just need to spend time off the grid, absorbing information and knowledge from what’s around us. If you’ve got plans with Netflix this weekend, maybe try one of these instead for a change. 


Impromptu picnic

Be it with friends, family, a pet or just on your own – now’s the time to go picnicking. Pack your favourite snacks, a cosy blanket, and dress comfortably. If you don’t have access to parks in the area, your terrace is also a great option! Combine that with some stargazing at night, and you’ve got yourself a date. Bonus if you have some moody music on hand.

Go bowling with friends

What’s a better way to blow off steam than knocking over some pins? Book a lane or two at your local bowling alley (you may be surprised by how many have popped up over the years!) and spend a few hours with friends. Bowling is a sport, after all, so you can factor that into your weekly workout routine. Make sure to stretch your wrists and shoulders well beforehand to avoid any injuries! 

Host a game night

We love a classic Snakes & Ladder game. Throw in some Ludo, Monopoly or Uno, and you have a night of nostalgia that’ll take you straight back to your childhood. If you don’t have any games on hand, no problem – ask a friend or neighbour, or rent games for the day. Printable games are also an option, as long as you have fun. Be warned though, Monopoly is known to ruin friendships…


Hit the books

You don’t need to be a bookworm to enjoy a day surrounded by books. Libraries are beginning to disappear, so visit while you can. Read about something you’d usually Google, or revisit a childhood favourite. Take in that comforting scent of new books and ageing paper, and spend some time in tranquillity.

Cafe hopping

If you’ve been too busy to visit new eateries in town, now’s your chance to make some time for a cafe hop. Make a list of places to visit, or decide on the fly. Treat your taste buds by trying a dish or two at every place – whatever your budget allows. Narrow it down to desserts, or explore a range of dishes, and focus on the food.


Be a tourist in your own city for the day

Unless you’re adventurous by nature, it’s possible there’s a lot you’ve yet to discover in the city you call home. Maybe there are heritage sites, or tourist attractions that you never got around to visiting. Get to know your city better and go on a tour of places that intrigue you; you can even collect tickets or small memorabilia to document the day.

Organise one space in your house

Makes it less overwhelming, right? Pick a spot, grab a trash bag, and get some upbeat music going. If you didn’t remember something existed, you probably don’t need it – either donate it or brainstorm on ways you can repurpose it. You never know, organising one spot might put you in the mood to do more, and that’s never a bad thing, is it?


Visit a local gallery

Like a library, there is a special kind of peace to be found at an art gallery. Walk through corridors of beautiful pieces, and let your imagination run wild. If you’re feeling especially creative, carry a sketchbook and try your hand at copying a work you like. There is no age to begin drawing, nor should you have to be “good” at it. The best part about art is interpreting it in your own way, so you don’t need to have any art history knowledge to enjoy this activity. 

Get baking

Channel your inner celebrity chef and bust out the oven mitts. Baking relieves stress, and leaves you with a yummy treat at the end of it. Cookies, bread, cake – the world is your oyster! Plate your baked goodies with some serviettes, and enjoy a day well spent.

Spending time online is a constant intake of information, and while it’s stimulating, it can also get really exhausting – for your body and mind, both. So don’t be afraid to switch things up a little, and disconnect from the chaos every now and then. Unwind at your own pace, and let your mind hit reset. Happy weekend!